Divorcing God (originally posted by "setfree")

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Divorcing God (originally posted by "setfree") Empty Divorcing God (originally posted by "setfree")

Post  Admin on 20/02/10, 11:40 pm

In Lu 16:18 Jesus makes a statement here that seems to be out of context with what He was saying at the time. He was addressing the spiritual abusers of His day, the Pharisees and Saducees who had just derided Him for saying that they can't serve God and money. The Bible says they derided Him because they were lovers of money. Did Jesus switch subjects here or was He refering to something else? He was referring to Jer 8:3 where God accusesses them of divorcing Him and marrying there idols. That's what the abusers of Jesus' day had done. They had divorced God and married their ministries. Those that were following them had divorced God and married them. That is what is happening today. These spritual abusers today have divorced God and married a worldly concept of suuccess in the ministry. Those that follow them have divorced God and married them.


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