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Life on the Outside

Post  FreedMan on 21/02/10, 10:50 pm

One of the greatest things that I've enjoyed since leaving scc is visiting other churches in Saskatoon.

I spent years hearing messages about "scc not being the only church in town but..", "we may not be the only church serving God but..", "we're the only church in the city doing.....", "there's not many churches in Canada, even North America that preach the uncompromising word of God like we do here at scc" etc. I'm sure that if you've attended any services at all you'll know what I mean and can give your own examples.

The statements always reinforced a sense that scc was superior to other churches, denominations and scc christians were better than other "ordinary" christians. Somehow scc had the only real insight into God's vision for Saskatoon, Canada - even the world. God had given the scc leadership "special" revelation, that the other churches were not able to see - or were not willing to follow.

In the early years I heard lots of denomination bashing from the pulpit - it tapered off a bit when a couple of "ex -denomination" members became elders, but the sense of superiority was still fostered and nurtured in more subtle ways.

Since leaving scc I've seen first hand how many wonderful Christians there are serving God right here in Saskatoon in various different types of churches and fellowships. Their influence goes way beyond their own fellowship, extending into the local community, the city, province and the world. These people are carrying out Jesus' commands to love one another and to bring the Kingdom of God to a lost and dying world. Most refreshing is the fact that for the most part they do it with a sense of humility out of genuine love for people.

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I totally agree

Post  setfree on 21/02/10, 11:26 pm

We have found the same. In putting our daughter in Saskatoon Christian School we discovered that the Body of Christ is a lot bigger than we were led to believe.


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