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Post  Admin on 01/03/10, 11:21 am

Originally apprehensive as to whether or not to start this forum, I stopped to think for a while about why I was feeling this way. I realized that it was due to a couple of factors. First, I do not want to draw attention to myself or have any personal identity attached to this. It is not a self-focused purpose that inspired this website.

Second, I know that eventually the folks at SCC will inevitably get a hold of this website, and start trying to match stories and writing styles to those who have departed, thus, providing them further reason to disown us and call us "yapping dogs, mockers, etc." This reason particularly bothered me. Why am I still conforming myself and tiptoeing around for fear of what they may think of me, as if I was still living in that culture? Why should I still let that controlling spirit manipulate what I say and do? I allowed that for far too many years. Also, there is nothing more I could say or do now to preserve my reputation at SCC.

The final reason for my apprehension was that, as many people do when leaving, I promised on my way out to focus on the good of my years at SCC and not become "one of them". This reason is an interesting one. Once on the outside, I came to see that though my departure may not have been quite as controversial or as nasty as others (it still had its share of controversy), I was still "one of them". Further, I came to understand that this wasn't so bad. "They" aren't so full of poison after all, and for those with whom I have a close relationship, I can see that "they" are attempting to work things out in their soul and move on with Jesus. Also, thinking back to the process leading up to my leaving SCC, the majority of the SCC leaders’ focus was not on all of the good years of pursuing God and faithfully serving together, etc. Instead, I remember a process full of negative, doom-filled predictions and warnings about how bad of a decision I was making, how messed up I was, and how only they seemed to have what it takes to "help" me. I also remember being told all kinds of bad things (even deeply personal details) about people who had left, always in a negative light.

So, I now see that someone needs to be able to give the other sides to those seemingly lop-sided stories. SCC leaders are so adamant from the pulpit and in private that “sheep” should never listen to those on the outside. If somehow they do hear some things about those who have left, the “sheep” should always give their leaders the chance to tell their “true” side of the story before believing what the outsiders had to say. I suppose that is fair. However, the majority of the people attending SCC are hearing the leaders’ side of the story exclusively the majority of the time. I have a fair bit of personal experience of how the leaders’ side of the story can be full of exaggeration, twisting of words and facts, cover-ups, etc. Therein lies the need for the other side of the stories to be told and hopefully heard by those willing to listen.

I certainly have no desire to "take down" SCC or to slander anyone at all. I pray that this forum will not become about revenge, self-justification, etc. The vision behind it is simply to let those who have experienced and left the culture of SCC to have a venue for sharing their experiences and perspectives honestly and somewhat anonymously with each other and perhaps more importantly, with the public. I hope that the eyes of some who may be feeling stuck within that culture or similar religious cultures will somehow read these stories and realize that there is more than meets the eyes and ears at SCC. What people do with this information is up to them, but it should not be kept silent any longer.

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Post  inthelight on 01/03/10, 12:32 pm

I want to say thank you from everyone who has left SCC as many of us would have liked to make this forum earlier, but lacked the ability to create one. Many of us have longed for a way that 'insiders' could access the truth on their own, and feel free to without the fear of contacting an outsider directly.

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