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Post  FreedMan on 02/03/10, 11:33 pm

I've been thinking about how things went wrong at scc and when it all started going south. I have a copy of the Foundations For Church Life teaching notes and decided to read though them in search of answers. Bear in mind that this is the first series of teachings - of three series that a person receives before joining the church.
The following section is taken verbatim, from FFCL1, Lesson 6, titled "Counsel in The Local Church"

- counsel is not the same as discipline.
- counsel is not advice: Advice is subjective opinion based on acquired knowledge; it focuses on possible ideas. Counsel is objective guidance related to purpose or intent; it deals with productive actions.
- godly input may often begin with ideas, but it should always ultimately impact how we behave.

A. Wrong “counsel” – Ps. 1:1-3

1. Avoid worldly influences and lifestyles; “listening to the wrong voices.”

2. Don’t associate with unbelievers. You have nothing in common with them.

3. Stay clear of those who doubt the ways of righteousness.
- those who say God’s ways don’t work, who do things their own way, who have an independent spirit, are “scorners.”

B. Guaranteed accuracy – Prov. 16:11

1. Terms:
- “weight” – to ponder, to balance, to mentally weigh things. The concept is that of “right thinking.”
- “balance” – two parts of a scale used to arrive at exactly the right measurement.

2. In O.T. times, accurate weights and measures were kept in the temple. No one could tamper with them. They were stored in a bag, under the care of the temple “staff.” Any questions as to correct values were settled by appealing to the temple scales. Their findings were the final authority in any dispute.
Principle: Justice and equity could only be found in God.

3. In N.T. times, only the church can provide you with the final authority. Dependable
counsel in found only in the church, whose “scales of justice” is the Word of God, which cannot be tampered with or changed.
Principle: Only the church can accurately preserve just standards in society.

C. Trusted counsel – I Cor. 4:15

1. Very, very few influences or people should be permitted to speak into your life.
- God has placed you under a spiritual father and his delegated authority. Any other counsel is in danger of denying this God-ordained authority in your life.

D. Some cautions

1. Don’t confuse an interest in someone or a friendship as a license to counsel them, or vice versa.
- prayer for that person (or another person praying for you) is appropriate, as well as befriending them and helping point them to their leaders.
- always point your friends to the truths you have received together in your assembling together. In so doing, you’re pointing them to correct counsel.
- Heb. 13:17. God has required some leader to look out for each believer’s soul. Such individuals have an anointing that goes with their appointing.

2. Resist the temptation to be independent. You cannot make it alone.
- Prov. 15:22, 26 trans: “Plans fail when there is no counsel, but by a number of wise guides they are made certain.” The “multitude” or “many” counsellors refers to getting godly input in each area of your life: job or career, business, marriage and family, relationships, personal development, etc.
- Prov. 20:18, 26 trans: “Every plan is confirmed by counsel.”
- don’t confuse counsel with consultation or confirmation. Counsel is not the same as getting more input (consultation) or wanting someone to approve plans you’re already committed to (confirmation).

3. There is no counsel anywhere in the world that can match the counsel God provides through the church. Acts 20:26-27 – “the whole counsel of God.”
- God has the “big picture,” and He uses His anointed leaders to share with you the accurate part of that picture, for your complete success. "

I sat through these teachings, and to be honest didn't pay much attention - at that time I was impressed by the Church and didn't really understand the incredible ramifications of these statements. This is also only one class in this series, one of 3 series - so the volume of information is huge. It certainly helps me to realize that things were wrong right from the start. When I think that often, new, zealous, on fire Christians take these classes and APPLY them word for word - cutting off friendships, family ties etc. - it makes me sick. No wonder there's so many damaged & hurting ex-scc members around. I thank God for loving, patient and understanding family and friends who were there when the fog was lifted.......


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Post  lookingahead on 03/03/10, 04:13 pm

I also am thankful for understanding family members. It was very humbling to offer apologies for years of either a broken relationship or a relationship dictated by my terms (terms dictated to me by SCC). Also humbling to ask forgiveness for years of a superior attitude, judging them as small 'c' Christians and myself as capital 'C' Christian as we were taught.


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Post  notbraindead on 03/03/10, 10:29 pm

I found this statement particularly jarring, "Do not associate with unbelievers. You have nothing in common with them." Sharing oxygen and the likeness and image of God doesn't count????!! It's all humbling ~ humbling to know we listened and probably agreed, too. Embarassed


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Post  Enlightened on 04/03/10, 11:39 pm

I actually find this kind of creepy, because the indoctrination starts immediately, so innocent 'new believers' think that they don't know anything about the Bible and so are eager to learn from those who do, and also because of how subtle it is. It immediately puts a negative spin on anyone in the church who isn't qualified to speak into your life and on anyone who is outside the church. So then people learn right off the bat to avoid talking to their friends in the church about anything in their life, and also to not talk to anyone outside of the church about their life. Who does that leave? A set of 'qualified' people that have the God-given right to be the only ones to counsel you about your life. THe funny thing is, they proudly boast that if you go to them, you will only get 'the Word.' If I was looking for 'the Word', I would read my Bible...


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