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Post  setfree on 13/03/10, 02:53 pm

Many believe that churches become abusive because of the personality of the Pastor and do not understand that there is a specific doctrine that has opened the door to it.

Doctrine, put simply, is what you believe and as we cannot live in a manner that is inconsistent with what we believe, doctrine is vitally important.

A doctrine was introduced into the Pentecostal/Evangelical world in 1947 that came through the “Latter Rain Movement”. The Latter Rain Movement began in a Pentecostal Bible school in North Battleford in 1947 and was denounced as error by the Pentecostal Church. This doctrine was introduced when a shift was made in the interpretation of Eph 4:11. The word “gift” began to be interpreted as “office” and with the office came authority. This authority is what I call “Delegated Spiritual Authority”. The belief that God delegates spiritual authority to the pastor. That authority then flows down to the leaders and then to the congregation. Accountability to that authority then naturally flows from the congregation to the leaders, to the pastor and then to God. Scriptures are pulled from the Old Testament and Ro 13 to support this belief. However Ro 13 applies to civil authority not spiritual authority.

Never the less this doctrine has been spreading through the Body of Christ ever since. It was in the Neo-Pentecostal church. It showed up in the Charismatic renewal as “Shepherding”. It surfaced again in the “Word of Faith” movement as “God’s Set Man” and it is surfacing again in the “Apostolic Reformation” by self-appointed apostles and prophets.

The understanding that these Pastors/Apostles/Prophets (God’s set man) have is that God will speak to them about your life simply because they are in the appropriate “office”. However God will never speak to someone else about your life. His sheep know His voice and a stranger they will not follow. This is the New Testament we’re living in. He lives in you and you are in Him. He will to talk to you about your life. Would you talk through someone else to talk to your own children about personal matters?

A large portion of the Body of Christ believes in this doctrine of delegated spiritual authority in one form or another (especially the Charismatic/Word of Faith segment) but when a man with unresolved anger and controlling issues gets a hold of it things become seriously abusive. Even if a church isn’t this dysfunctional yet, if the pastor believes this doctrine sooner or later it will become abusive simply because he believes it should be and lets face it, everyone has issues.


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