Living under the Law or living under Grace You choose

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Living under the Law or living under Grace You choose Empty Living under the Law or living under Grace You choose

Post  finally free on 14/03/10, 08:55 am

In the majority of churches , what started out to be a message of hope and freedom has turned into one of bondage. It is so easy to change the message. Just look at Jim Jones and you will see that even He started out doing good before it was a cult. He started with a free medical clinic for all those who could not afford to pay in Seattle. Now think back to when you first were born again. It was such an uplifting experience. You felt free until you joined a church. Ephesians 2:8 says that you were saved by Grace through faith and that not of yourself it is the Gift of God. You had very little to do with your salvation. Which one of those three was you and which one was God? the salvation, the Grace or the faith? Actually all three were God. Initially where did you get the faith from to believe? God and Him alone. As time went on the started to put demands on you. You have to start attending church more, you have to pray so much every day and you have to give at least 10% or God will not bless you. Nowhere in the the Bible does it say that. It does say though that it was for freedom that He set us free. He set us free only for us to be free that is all. Three years ago God started to reveal to me what the difference was. Now I am no longer living in the performance based religion of the Law but I serve the one true Lord who died for me and set me. I do not serve man any more I serve only Jesus. It is through His Grace( unearned unmerited undeserved favor or God) That I live. The Gospel revolution has started and it is snowballing as more and more people are set free, churches like SCC will lose their grip and the body of Christ will be alive again.

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