Just a few benefits of leaving a controling church

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Just a few benefits of leaving a controling church

Post  emigration on 15/03/10, 02:05 am

The most common feeling is the combination of the loss of arrogance and the closer feeling one has toward mankind. This is a great feeling. I no longer feel like I am superior to other people because of the special knowledge that I thought I had possessed.
I now realize, like above, I am just like the rest of mankind. My disposition is kinder.
I found there is a whole new world to discover. I no longer have to measure everything to how it compares to the teachings of CCM. I measure by how Christ sees them. It is exciting to begin learning so many new things with a mind open to the Holy Spirit (after the voice of the Reverend gets quieter and quieter).
It is wonderful to be free of the burden of constantly imposed guilt.
I begin to understand that my own knowledge and skills are sufficient without the need for a "superior" authority telling me what to think or what to do. I can learn on my own.
I begin learn to trust my own spirits intuition,my heart to hearts with God, though this takes time to trust my own abilities fully. I no longer have to endure the conflict between my own feelings and what I was being told I should be feeling.
I find I have worth outside of an organization. My worth is not measured by statistics.
I love the leaders I have met at churches I have visited. Saskatoon is full of wonderful Christians of all ages.
Christian Centre does not have the monopoly on well raised children. There are many teenagers and young adults who love the Lord without external pressure to do so.
People of all skill levels, appearances and status are involved in "front line ministry". These communities showcase any believer willing to be a blessing. Instead of promoting the ideology of this tiny sect , promote Jesus alone!
It is great to love the Lord.


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Post  Looking on 15/03/10, 08:24 pm

I wholeheartedly agree. It is wonderful to discover all of the incredible Christians there are in Saskatoon. People that love the Lord and are following Him. Who Knew! Smile It's also true that once you are out you truly realize what a small group of people SCC is comparision to the Body of Christ in Saskatoon. A small group with, unfortunately, a very bad reputation. Also, how true, as the above posted stated, to lose that superior feeling.. to become human and to be able to be in deep relationship (true relationship - one that will last and is not determined by what church one does or does not go to or by what one does or does not believe) with other believers. To learn from them and talk about the Lord openly and share from the heart, with out fear of judgement. I found after I left SCC that I was free to be who God made me to be. I was never the black and white person that we were supposed to be. God didn't make me that way. I am a very mercy motivated person and despite years of trying to turn that off I was never able to. How freeing to be who God made me to be, without guilt.


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