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Post  lookingahead on 15/03/10, 08:50 pm

For all the years I was at Saskatoon Christian Centre I believed the lie that Saskatoon Christian School was a small 'c' Christian school and that Christian Centre Academy was a capital 'C' Christian school. We all knew what that meant and the implications. It was mocked and made fun of. Certainly we all thought that whoever went there wasn't a true Christian - at least not Christians like we were. There are so many families who are only at SCC for the school. If the school wasn't there they would have left long ago. The school is a safe place (they think), a haven from the world for their kids. Truly a Christian school and with a guarentee that if you follow the formula your kids will turn out just right. NOT SO! How wonderful to find out that right here in our city we have a flourishing Christian school. An incredible gift from God to our city that was here all along and we had no idea. The teachers are all wonderful Christians who love the Lord and want to help these kids grow up to be everything God wants them to be. They have a wonderful facility that everywhere you look is magnifying the Lord. You have kids there that want to be there, not kids that can't wait to get out and are planning their escape (from church and from the Lord) at 18. Kids that are being taught to be strong kids.... not kids that are just kept within what they think is the safety of a bubble. What we heard about SCS over the years are just lies... Now do the kids look like CCA kids.. no, not really. Some of the boys have long hair, a few of the boys have an earing, some aren't dressed just perfect like the kids at CCA... but what I've learned on the journey is that God looks on the heart. We always knew that, but did we really, really believe it? Do you think He cares about those things? Does He deisre a hard hearted teen that looks just perfect on the outside or a teen that is tender towards Him and has an earing? I am pretty sure I know. Outward appearances just don't matter. And truly sometimes I wonder if Jesus were on the earth today what would He look like? Maybe those at SCC and CCA would look like the Pharisees and Jesus would just look like a regular human. Something to ponder...
My point to all of this is - if you are still at SCC and think there are no options for you and you feel you must stay for the school - Look around - there is a wonderful, capital 'C' Christian School (if I have to use that term) that is partnering with the family to raise up strong kids for Jesus. These kids are going to the mission field while they are still in school, returning from missions and making return trips in the summer and after they graduate. They are kids with a heart for God and passionate for Him. We thank the Lord often for this incredible place that He has provided.


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Post  finally free on 16/03/10, 08:49 am

Boy are you ever right on. My kids did not go to CCA they went to FACA. You know almost everyone( and I say almost because if you were a favorite you received special attention) of the kids when they came to a certain age they left the church and God. Why can't they accept the kids just as GOD does.

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