recovery from spiritual abuse

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recovery from spiritual abuse

Post  setfree on 21/03/10, 02:47 pm

Abuse occurs when someone of authority uses that authority to manipulate someone under that authority for their own benefit or personal gain. Spiritual abuse occurs when the name of God and/or the word of God are used for that purpose.

When someone is physically abused they can go to the police because the abuser was not a representative of the police. When someone is sexually abused they can go to social services because the abuser was not a representative of social services but when someone is spiritually abused it is very difficult for the abuser to go to God because the abuser was a representative of God.

That is why a forum such as this is important. It is a first step for many in returning to a trust relationship with their Father.


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Thye beginning of the end

Post  finally free on 24/03/10, 08:56 pm

You are right , because it took me almost 4 years to learn to not only trust God again but to trust a preacher. Now I tell every one I know that there is a light at the of the tunnel. The only thing I would say to those who are going through it that just as God told Elijah, He has reserved a group of people that will not lead them to themselves but will pointthem to the cross. If they will ask the Holy Spirit, He will lead the to just such a group.

finally free

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