Why Respect evil ?

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Why Respect evil ? Empty Why Respect evil ?

Post  I believe (SCC is a cult) on 02/05/10, 10:44 am

Has anyone ever noticed that even though we have left scc (I usually call it the cult centre) and we meet anyone of the so called leaders it is difficult not to call them pastor or Mr. XXXX. We should be calling these people by their first name and not showing any respect to them. They don't deserve it and yet (myself included) was programmed to automatically be submissive and use their title. We need to stop doing this. I remember a story that john power told about someone calling "his pastor" keith and how he would take off anyones head that did that. He spoke of the rage he had when this happened. I am sure that these stories that were told to us were just fabrications and probably made up by keith himself.
I have no respect for anyone who comes in the name of God and does the things to people, families, and even the community like these pirates do.
Maybe there is a reason he came here from Texas, we should investigate the reasons behind his first wife's death, and maybe the nurse who was looking after her. There are many dark and shady secrets that are not told and if you talk about them you are asked to leave. What ever happened to the light will reveal the truth.
We just celebrated being out or maybe that should be free and back with God for ten years now.

There is hope but just not at scc.

Just my thoughts.

I believe (SCC is a cult)

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