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Post  freenow on 05/03/10, 11:56 pm

My history at christian centre, probably longer than most.
I started at the academy the first year it opened, i was on staff for many years.
It started off being the best place to be not just a church, i thought i had friends, most of my family attended as well.
I even met my wife there after many years of attendance.

I have seen and heard many things from behind closed doors that would make most people cringe but i kept it to myself for fear of reprisals.
I will say that WE LEFT because of the hipocrisy and double standards. Not to mention unknowingly to us our so called friends and even one of the elders was gossiping and spreading lies about us amongst themselves and even to my family members!.

All i can say to all who have left...congratulations, you life is just beginning!. You have NOT left GOD, you have left a church(cult).
As keith johnson would say, "all those who have left are apart of one large bowel movement". Is that how a pastor speaks??.


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me myself and God Empty Bowel Movement

Post  looking on 06/03/10, 12:21 am

I remember when Keith Johnson talked about the people leaving as a bowel movement.

It is true that you've left a church, NOT God. In fact, you may experience closer times with Him then ever before once you are gone.

I also experienced the gossip. Not long after I left (and some others around the same time), Elaine Schultz said from the pulpit, 'The reason people have left recently is because they have taken their eyes off of Jesus.' WOW! Lies! And how is that for judging someone's heart.

I heard so many things in counselling sessions about other people's private lives and once I was out found out those were lies too.


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me myself and God Empty Bowel Movement

Post  Live and Learn on 06/03/10, 12:09 pm

I also remember th infamous bowel movement comment: "Every now and then a [church] body needs a good bowel movement to cleanse itself."

If the people who leave SCC are the excrement, what is he saying about the people (leadership) from whom we are leaving?

It is similar to when Keith Johnson describes people who have left "wrong" as fugitives. Aren't fugitives people who have escaped from prison? I hope I droned "Amen" whenever he made that comment.

Live and Learn

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me myself and God Empty The bowel movement

Post  emigration on 07/03/10, 03:44 pm

Humans and animals vacuate their bowels before a fight or flight conflict. It helps make them unencumbered by weight and waste.
I can recall Ken Schultz using that horrible line more than once with a smirk on his face followed by dull laughter and half hearted agreement from the congregation.
If the poop has left Christian Centre one would assume the Body remnant that remains must be full of joy, working the works of the Apostles, enraptured in love and seeing might miracles. SCCM must need another inner cleansing. Saskatoon certainly needs revival. I wait with bated breath to see it happen. If it really starts at SCCM we will see the pillar of fire that is to appear that will be a beacon to the city,province,nation,and world. I am restrained with strong emotion.


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