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Post  notbraindead on 18/02/10, 10:45 pm

I think one of the things that I have gradually come to terms with since I left scc is the disrespectful way that the congregation was addressed, not just once but time and time again. We often tried to talk to leaders about that very thing, but every time the excuse was given that it was our problem, we just needed to hear differently. How 'differently' can you hear the words "stupid" or "braindead" or "your opinion isn't worth 15 cents worth of nothin'"?? Why did we not all rise up in revolt? Somehow the teaching that your "man of God" knows what"s best for you and you are just a dumb sheep after all, really takes its toll. The leader's weaknesses are never addressed or seen as stumbling blocks. Who has relationships like that? Any time we brought up those weaknesses, we were told to stop judging and make the decision to receive regardless of the methods being used. Babies die for lack of warmth and love and physical touch. Obviously methods matter. Who better than the body part in pain to send a message to the brain. Never, ever, will we allow a 'man of God' that kind of power in our lives. The New Testament does not even support the concept.


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Post  inthelight on 18/02/10, 11:05 pm

It is interesting how 'The sheep know the masters voice, and the voice of a stranger they will not follow' is tossed aside to be 'the sheep are dumb and they need to be told what to believe... so believe ME.'

Also, if they read the passage about Wolfs in Sheeps Clothing in CONTEXT they would see that it is referring to being careful of the false leaders who will lead you astray, not a fellow 'pew warmer'. A little leven levens the whole lump is referring to Toxic Leadership.

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Post  FreedMan on 21/02/10, 10:28 pm

Notbraindead's comment about how come we didn't all stand up and revolt (against the disrespectful way people were / are spoken about) - reminds me of the analogy of putting a frog into a pot of boiling water - it will do all it can to escape and to NOT be put in the pot, but if you put it into a pot of cold water, put it on the stove and gradually turn up the heat - it will stay in the pot and slowly get cooked.

I sat in the pews and heard the comments - which when taken one at a time in the context of the message - seemed to be innocent enough. I used excuses like - the speaker's being zealous or exaggerating to make a point. Perhaps the comment was cloaked in a humourous story or cited as an extreme example of something. Often it was "another minister or ministry" that said it, but it was worth repeating in their sermon. I was like the frog - fortunately when the water became hot enough I noticed it and these kind of statements and basic lack of respect for people became too much.They registered with me for what they were - arrogant, exclusive comments designed to oppress people by making others (the congregants) feel superior.

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