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This Cage of Ours

You all live your lives so freely
Like you're wise, content, and true,
But we'd rather think you're sorry,
And be glad we're not like you.

Can't you tell that we are happy;
Don't you see we're smiling thus?
We can paint our faces joyful,
And it cheers up all of us.

We don't act or talk like you do,
We no longer thus engage.
We are safe from such temptation,
Cause we're locked inside this cage.

We can sing and dance inside it
We are having fun and so free !
We can sing and praise like angels
Why doesn't everyone want to be like me?

It delivers us from evil,
So herein we choose to dwell.
Those inside will go to Heaven,
All the rest may end up in hell.

This was promised from the prophets
We'll remind ourselves each day
To make certain we stay humble,
And be sure we all obey.

"They're a cult" we heard one murmur,
"They're trapped fanatics!" someone cried!
Then, we called that "persecution"
And it bonded us in pride.

But there is a hidden reason
That we tell ourselves this lie:
It's because we're scared of living,
And spiritually we're afraid to die.

So don't taunt us with your logic:
Keep your common sense away.
We'll stay inside this cage of ours,
And won't be led astray!

--Poet-Marc Angelucci


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