Opening Pandora's Box /rather closing....

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Opening Pandora's Box /rather closing.... Empty Opening Pandora's Box /rather closing....

Post  CherylB on 25/10/10, 10:08 pm

Wish there had been something like this a lot sooner, it might have helped than but so much time has gone by.

What was and what is now are two different things and I guess some sleeping dogs are just better of left sleeping. In this case that's what this old dog will do.

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Opening Pandora's Box /rather closing.... Empty Re; Opening Pandora's Box . . . .

Post  BibleBulldog on 31/10/10, 10:01 am

CherylB wrote:It still hurts to be ignored/shunned by those that don't even go to SCC anymore. What hurts even more is that no-one bothers to ask what really happened. [...] If anyone wants to know the real truth I will be more than happy to set the record straight. Sadly, after all this time no-one's asked so I don't hold out much hope that anyone's gonna start now.
It saddens me enormously that no-one seems to want to bother to reach out to you, even by the simple act of posting a reply on here. WWJD? Apparently some are still more willing to believe lies than truth. One would have hoped that on this particular forum they might have learned from their experiences.

God bless you!


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