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Post  Two Cano on 31/10/10, 10:59 pm

I was a member of SCC for 8 years, 2years with the church before Kieth J. My Kids went to school etc. I was gloriously saved in 1977. It wouldnt take Sherlock Holms to figuire who I am. I left and took employment in another city in 1988-89. I have a personal relationship with God I talk to him and he talks to me. I prayed when PJ (Pastor Kieth Johnson)came to Canada I asked the Lord about PJ. Lord said I would do well if I took him as my Pastor. I felt the lord impress on me that I needed to be aware that changes would take place but that he was a good man and I could learn and grow in this church. That was probably in 1982. When we left in 1989 there was no condemnation from PJ. He didnt want me to go but blessed me and we went on. I know the devil is alive and well on planet earth and there was a few negatives that sprung up from different members but we all need to mature a bit maybe alot. I still think he (PJ) is a good man and his church has helped many. I know alot feel hard done by this ministry including members of my family. But I see it different. I am a better person for knowing and supporting my churches and thats the bottom line. Hope this helps.

Two Cano

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