Empowering or Exploiting?

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Empowering or Exploiting? Empty Empowering or Exploiting?

Post  Live and Learn on 24/03/10, 06:00 pm

This table is taken directly from Wolfgang Simson's book about churches. Which one seems to fit SCC?

How to Empower Others How to Exploit Others
Allow them to function give them functions
believe in them make them believe in you
delegate authority require submission
further God's plan for them make them part of your plans
invest in them use them
love them, and say so love the task more than the people
give them what you have take what they have to give
discuss with them preach at them
freely spend time with them require appointments
give them the keys now make them wait until you retire
serve them let them serve you
praise them accept their praise of you
transfer masterhood demonstrate masterhood

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